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School Awards

Riverside’s most recent award was the prestigious National Autistic Society (NAS) Re-Accreditation in the April 2017. This entailed a rigorous year-long scrutiny of the school’s provision for students with autism, (currently approximately two-thirds of the school’s population). The re-inspection process included a comprehensive programme of lesson observations and the scrutiny of all the school’s teaching and learning approaches for this group.


Riverside School  is one of over 90 schools in the UK and abroad to have received the Award. All of the schools receiving the Award have already proved to the world that they have a solid understanding of how to harness technology for learning - they all have the ICT Mark.  The new Award is, however, significantly different. There is a firm focus on learning; technology is there, but now it is assumed and ubiquitous; learning is now developing in new and exciting ways and the 3rd Millennium Learning Award aims to showcase them to the school community.

Schools who undertake the Award have some interesting things going on when it comes to learning. For a start, schools are likely to be taking a more independent stand, more focused on the needs of their community; their pupils are likely to be more self-directed, their learning more personalised. Schools will have closer relationships with their communities and their pupils will be pushing the boundaries in the depth and scope of their learning.


On opening the school was re-awarded the Activemark and the Sportsmark kitemarks for effective delivery of the National School Sport Strategy. These awards recognise the exceptionally high standard of sports provision in the school and evaluates the range of sports and opportunities and links to sports clubs and associations.


The school holds the National Standard for Healthy Schools. This required a thorough audit of the quality and quantity of the wide-ranging initiatives that the school undertakes in relation to the promotion of student good health, both in the delivery of the curriculum and throughout school life. 


In recognition of the school’s exceptional achievements in the STARS scheme, Riverside has received the Gold STARS accreditation level 2015. The accreditation takes particular note of the school’s independent travel training and cycling initiatives.


Finally, the school has the International School Award. This award acknowledges the high quality of the school’s many joint successful projects linked to embedding an international dimension throughout the school curriculum, designed to engender a greater understanding on the part of all students of what it means to be a global citizen. The projects include mutual staff study visits to special schools in West African and Europe.