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Riverside’s efforts which will be forwarded to the Unique Arts Award competition 2017




Steven  works hard during the art sessions.  He is a very accomplished painter and illustrator.  We are pleased to show you a piece of his work produced on the 24th May 2017.  The theme was robotics and the future.  Steven was able to select an image from a ‘Star Wars Annual’ and create three illustrations using pencil and paper.  He then selected the best illustration and copied upon hard cardboard.  With support he was able to cut the shape out and use the shape as a stencil to produce this excellent piece of work.  The complete creative process was created independently and demonstrates Steven’s keen eye for illustration, long periods of focus and enjoyment of the art sessions.  I am very pleased with Steven’s efforts to date.


Tyler from class 1B has produced very pleasing work to date in the art room.  This week (24th May 2017) he was introduced to the abstract paintings of Paul Cobley.  Tyler was able to observe Cobley’s style and emulate his use of bold colours with line experimentation.  Tyler was able to use a range of circular blocks colours to produce the art piece for display.  Tyler’s work is produced completely independently, displaying his passion for art and in particular painting using alternative approaches.  I’m very pleased with his efforts and positive attitude during art sessions.


The Fourth Plinth Programme is the UK’s most talked about contemporary sculpture prize. Funded by the Mayor of London and supported by Arts Council England, it invites world class artists to create new works for display in Trafalgar Square.

Each year, London schools are invited to enter the Fourth Plinth Schools Awards. The awards give children a chance to get involved with public art and offer new views of London.

The Fourth Plinth Schools Awards 2017 is now closed.

Every year we invite London’s primary and secondary schoolchildren to create artworks, inspired by the commissions for the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square and London life.

We hope you and your students can join us on Thursday 27 April for the Fourth Plinth Schools Awards ceremony at City Hall. It’s also a chance to see the exhibition. If you’re planning to come to the event, here’s all the info you need.


A number of classes produced work revolving around 'Freedom and shape'.  Of these, the art teacher selected 19 pieces of work to forward to the Fourth Plinth Competition.  The judging panel displayed their work on the official Mayor of London website, shown below.  (Even though it states submissions from Woodside school, it is very much Riverside student's efforts)

Cyle Modeste has been shortlisted for the award ceremony with his work entitled ‘Self Portrait’.

Unfortunately Cyle was unable to attend the award ceremony due to other commitments.  We are waiting to receive his award from the 4th plinth panel, when we will then present him during certificate assembly.